Creative Flow: The optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform our best, creatively. Lesus Design Co. partners with individuals and teams looking to build visual communications that get people moving. We can create great things when we flow together.

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Glide Paddle Sports

Glide is a stand up paddle board manufacturer based out of Salt Lake City. They create a variety of shapes and sizes for different styles of paddeling. Lesus Design Co. worked with Glide to create the deck pad designs for their entire 2019 fleet. We also aided in creating a printed catalog to showcase and help sell those boards.

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TrueValue: EasyCare & Mythic Paint

TrueValue is well known for their hardware stores, but they also own several paint brands. Lesus Design Co. worked with their marketing team to help develop a new brand campaign, design an app, and support some of their existing efforts.

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