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TrueValue: EasyCare & Mythic Paint

TrueValue is well known for their hardware stores, but they also own several paint brands. Lesus Design Co. worked with their marketing team to help develop a new brand campaign, design an app, and support some of their existing efforts.

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Mythic: Ad Campaign

Goal: Lesus Design Co. worked with the True Value marketing team to create a new campaign look that introduced the newly acquired paint brand Mythic to the marketplace. True Value's goal is to reach the upcoming millennial audience who are currently moving into new homes.

Solution: We delivered with modern design, subtle complimentary color, and photography that feels authentic. Below you'll find a few deliverables from the campaign including a print ad, window sign, and some digital media.

EasyCare Color Design: App and Identity Design

Goal: Lesus Design Co. worked with the True Value marketing team and their app development partner to design the identity and graphics for a color design app that allows you to preview a paint color on your wall through your smartphone. True Value's goal was to create something that communicated the apps capability visually while creating an identity that stood apart from similar apps.

Solution: We created an identity that resembled the apps functionality by utilizing a colorful camera shutter focused on the symbol of home. We also had the opporutnity to design some of the user interface, we created photography that helped visualize the apps capabilities by showing the room with the end result captured on the mobile device. Below are a few samples of the Apps screens.

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