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Standup and Flow

Standup and Flow is a paddle board yoga company offering classes and board rentals in the Chicagoland area. Lesus Design Co. has helped launch and steer it's brand identity, website, and marketing efforts since its creation in 2015.

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Standup and Flow: Brand Identity & Print Collateral

Goal: Lesus Design Co. worked with Standup and Flow's owner to create a new brand identity for their newly launched paddle board yoga company. Their goal was to create an identity that was fun, modern, and communicated the experience of being on the water.

Solution: We delivered with an identity system that could be flexible, bold, and memorable. The brand is comprised of imagery and colors that place your imagination on the water and we utilized bright complimentary colors for calls to action. Creative photography is utilized to grab your attention and class photos taken by the instructors are also used in marketing collateral to portray an authentic experience. Below you'll find samples of the logo identity system and a few print deliverables including postcards, coupons, stickers, and apparel.

Standup and Flow: Web Design, Develop, and Hosting

Goal: Along with Standup and Flow's new brand identity, they also needed a web presence. Their goal was to have a modern and mobile friendly website that communicated their mission, services, pricing, schedule and also allowed for customers to register and pay for classes.

Solution: Lesus Design Co. worked with Standup and Flow to design and develop a cohesive website that reflected its new brand identity. We also assisted in finding a third party solution that allowed for live scheduling, booking, and payment integration into the website. Visit the site and see for yourself.

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Standup and Flow: Launch Video

Goal: Standup and Flow's operation is something very unique to the midwest, but is starting to rapidly grow. The goal for S&F was to show potential customers exactly what they were in for.

Solution: Lesus Design Co. worked with Standup and Flow to utilize video in their marketing efforts. We helped brainstorm and storyboard the direction of the video which focused on showcasing the experience of a SUP yoga class. S&F then worked with a local video production team to capture that story. We also helped edit down the video to be used in multiple platforms like the website and social media in a way that represented the brand with simple intro graphics, outgoing summer music, and shorter video length to keep the audience engaged.

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